An hypnotic installation of shapes, stripes and sounds that gets you deeper into the world of Takahiro Kurashima. 

About the project

DIGITAL MOIRÉ is an interactive projection mapping sculpture inspired by Poemotion a book of visual illusions by Takahiro Kurashima. We decided to use this book which makes use of tangible interactivity; The reader is provided with a screen or film of transparent and black lines which when overlayed over the images in the book, create animations. In order to recreate these illusions in digital world we have made use of Max Msp’s Jitter GL objects.

By overlaying video planes and using the various other tools in Max we have recreated the optical illusions. In order to provide the users with a destabilizing experience we used pulses of noise controlled by people’s presence and wool strings to create a sense of sculpture and surface.

The audio puts emphasis on the illusion while the strings give volume to the whole structure. The use of string also lets the user see that there is something going on from a further distance. The illusions are created by overlaying moving lines onto images, we continued the same aesthetic by attaching straight lines of strings from the framed canvas placed on the floor, to the ceiling mounted projector.


Thierry Dumont

Jason Hendrik

Pascal Champagne